The Kingdom of the King

The Gospel of the Kingdom

lightWhen the bible refers to the Kingdom of God, it normally refers to the reign of God in our lives and not to the realm over which He reigns. In our modern day the first meanings of the word ‘kingdom’ are the realm over which a king exercises his rule or the subjects who live in the king’s realm. But the meaning of the word ‘Kingdom’ in the bible is that of reigning, ruling and exercising authority. In the New Testament the predominant meaning of ‘the Kingdom’ is God’s reign or rule. The other meanings are seldom used.

The gospel of the Kingdom of God, therefore, is best understood when rendered as, “The good news of the reign of God.” The Kingdom of God is His rule, His authority and His government, so to receive the Kingdom of God is to accept God’s government over our lives.

Jesus said we must “receive the Kingdom of God like little children.(Mark 10:15) In other words, we must receive the government of God over our lives in childlike trust, because He desires the best for us and His rule over us is for our ultimate good. The other reasons, He wishes us to understand as we grow spiritually.

When Jesus taught His disciples how to pray He taught them to petition God every day to reign over us. It is asking God that we may obey His will and that His will may be obeyed by men on earth just as He is obeyed in Heaven, in order that His will may be done on earth and in our lives as it is in heaven… “Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.(Matthew 6:10)

When God is obeyed by men and His will is done in this present life, THEN the Kingdom of God has come.

When the Bible was written the hearers of the gospel had this understanding of ‘kingdom’, and so had no problem in understanding the spoken or written message. When they heard that the Kingdom of God was at hand, they knew it meant that God’s authority was to be restored to the earth. To enter the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven - the terms are used interchangeably - meant to enter the reality where God’s reign is experienced in life. 

We may have been told by many preachers that entering the Kingdom of Heaven means going to heaven when we die. While this is true, it leaves us with very little understanding of the purposes of God and His intentions for His church here on earth now or in the future. Failure to preach and understand the Kingdom of God is the reason that few Christians live the life of overcomer’s. But when the Kingdom of God becomes a present reality and not only a future hope, men are able to enjoy the blessings of God’s rule. We can enter the true, abundant and victorious life promised in scripture that Jesus came to give us. It also enables the true believer to walk in authority over the enemy.

It is time for this good news of the Kingdom of God to be preached and walked in.

The following book tells more of how Satan has produced a counterfeit so as to prevent the true church walking in their inheritance now - the spiritual city of Babylon. But it also explains what the Kingdom of God is, the reality that every Christian should not only be able to see, but to enter fully therein.

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