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Who Is Leading The Church?

- A booklet written to ask the question, "Does Jesus need to be acknowledged afresh as our ONLY Leader?" This booklet is both challenging and prophetic. A change has happened that has radically effected the Church but most have not discerned this. This message is desperately needed.

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Some Notes On Righteousness and The Nature of Sin

- A booklet identifying what separates mankind from God and to look at the 'word of righteousness'. This booklet has been written to look at mankind's real problem - that he is separated from God - and tries to understand the amazing gift His answer brings. Paul counted all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus, his Lord, in order to gain Christ, so that he might be found in Him, not having a righteousness of his own but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness that comes from God on the basis of faith, that he might know Him and the power of His resurrection.

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Free From Sin - Some Notes on Sanctification and Holiness

- This booklet is about being 'set apart' unto God. It is about being holy. Although the Lord wants us separated from sin, when He speaks of 'holiness' He wants us fully separated unto Himself. Trying to be holy seems doomed to failure. So this booklet will differentiate between 'trying' to be holy by endeavouring to walk by the Law rather than by the Spirit, and will show that for those who are in Christ our correct walk comes through knowing that we are already holy - sanctified - saints.

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Some Notes on the Kingdom of God

- A booklet about the Kingdom of God and how we walk in the reality of Jesus being our King. What is the Kingdom of God and how do we walk in the reality of Jesus being our King? This booklet tries to answer this question.

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His Invitation For His Kingdom 

A booklet that shares the Father’s Invitation to enter into the Kingdom of God, the call of the Spirit that is the reality of the gospel that Jesus began to preach and send forth through His disciples. It is the gospel of the Kingdom that will be the last witness to all the nations before Jesus returns.

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The Day of the Lord

- As the Day of the Lord draws near few seem to be aware that this will initially bring an awesome time of judgement upon all the nations. As to when this day will come and who it will effect are questions some in the Church, the Body of Christ, seem to ignore! Yet the coming end-time role of the Church will have a great bearing on who this 'day' will effect, and in what manner. Much misunderstanding exists regarding the 'Day of the Lord', as to it's timing and to it's format. Some even ignore its reality! This booklet endeavours to see what scripture has to tell us about this 'awesome day'. The answers are of great importance.

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Trying To Understand the End of the Age and the Ages to Come

- A book which may challenge the reader as it looks at some of what Scripture tells us about the end of the present Age and the ones to come. This book has been written to discuss what Scripture tells us about the end of this age, and the ones that follow, to encourage the reader to check 'if these things be so' as he looks to Scripture and to the Holy Spirit to disclose what is to come, so he may be prepared and able to play his part. The Lord has told me that the understanding contained in this book will become increasingly important.

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Why Jesus Hates Tithing

nightA Booklet written to question the modern-day doctrine and practice of tithing amongst Christians. Does this bring blessing or cursing?  Can anyone tithe and also walk in the Spirit? Does this practice nullify the grace of God? The answers to these questions are urgently required. This is a timely and necessary challenge that should not be ignored. Please read on.

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Crucified With Christ

A Booklet written to emphasise the absolute necessity to walk in the reality of the fact that every true believer was crucified with Christ the day he was born again of the Spirit of God. It is not a future event to happen in a believers life, but a revelation that it has already occurred. It is not works that are required to walk in this realty but faith. Sadly this is still a future revelation to be received. This is a key to walking in the Spirit. 

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A Prophetic View Of The End Times

A booklet written to tell my story of increased spiritual understanding on the journey towards the end of this age in the plan and purposes of God for His church. First written in 1995 it is a revelation that is still needed today so as to understand more fully what is now unfolding and what yet must happen as Jesus builds His church.

Download ‘A Prophetic View Of The End Times’ here (2.9Mb) Union Jack in English

The Millennium

A booklet written to consider the reality of what lies ahead during the millennial reign of Christ when Jesus will be King of all the earth and the saints have put on immortality, ruling with Christ with a rod of iron. It will see all Israel saved and all israel restored to their land. The lion will lie down with the lamb, swords will be beaten into ploughshares. Children will not die as infants any longer and dying at 100 years will be considered young. This is the future but who considers it?”

Download ‘The Millennium’ here (687kb) Union Jack in English

Following The Glorified Christ

A Booklet that explains how we should now be following Jesus, by walking by the Spirit, no longer living for ourselves but for Him who died and rose again on our behalf.

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An Unfolding Understanding Of The End Times

A booklet that considers the book of Daniel and the dreams and visions it contains in light of unfolding world events, comparing these with other prophecies of scripture regarding the end of the age and the coming Kingdom of God. 

Interpreting the dreams and visions correctly can only come by the Holy Spirit who first brought them forth. For decades Christians have sought to find their true interpretation but as the end of this age draws near can we expect the revelation sealed until then to now be revealed?

Many have considered that the antichrist, the end-time beast, would arise in Europe. It is still the most widely held view perhaps, but is it right? In this booklet we consider the answer to this question

Download ‘An Unfolding Understanding Of The End Times’ (261kb)  Union Jack in English

Considering The Birth Of Jesus

This booklet is not what at first it may seem. Starting with the consideration of the the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, its timing and significance, it leads to a revelation that allows us to see that God acts to His perfect plan, both in time and purpose. Is there more to note regarding Jesus coming in time - His nativity? 

This booklet leads us to see the spiritual warfare that has surrounded the golden altar of incense, an attack that is not yet finished. To enter into the holiest place will necessitate a total consecration of the whole church, which is the body of Christ.

Jesus came in time to destroy the works of the evil one and bring forth the Kingdom of God. As His body, the true church has yet to demonstrate this victory in fulness, a victory Jesus has already won, as the good news of the Kingdom is preached to all nations as a witness before Jesus returns.

Hopefully this booklet begins to open up this understanding.

Download ‘Considering Jesus Birth” (835kb) Union Jack in English

The Kingdom of the King

nightThis book tells of how Satan has produced a counterfeit form of Christianity so as to prevent the true church walking in her inheritance now. This counterfeit is part of the spiritual city of Babylon. This book explains what the Kingdom of God is - the reality that every Christian should not only be able to see, but to also enter fully into. 

Jesus said, “Unless you are born again you cannot see the Kingdom of God,” and unless you are born again of the Spirit “you cannot enter the Kingdom.(John 3:3:3-7) 

It is to the Kingdom of God and His righteousness we are to seek first, Jesus said. (Matthew 6:33) This book is an exhortation to seek and enter the Kingdom.

Download “The Kingdom of the King " here (730k)  Union Jack in English

God’s Plan Seen Among The Nations

nightA consideration of scripture to see how God is working to His plan and purpose for mankind from man’s fall in the very beginning, God reconciling us to Himself and bringing us to His ultimate restoration on the New Earth under a New Heaven - to the city of God.

As we consider what is unfolding in our day, in and among the nations of the world, it is possible to view this entirely through political eyes. We might imagine that man is the sole author of his own fate not realising that God is working out his plan and purpose in and through current world events, His plan that goes back before the very foundation of the world.

This book is one of several on the website that looks at what scripture tells us of what prophecy of scripture shows us but this book considers how prophecy is now beginning to be fulfilled. It is a book that brings with it a challenge to us all.

Download “God’s Plan Seen Among The Nations " here (665k)  Union Jack in English

The Restoration Of Israel

nightAs we consider God’s Plan as told to us in scripture this booklet is written to specifically consider the future of the nation of Israel and her eventual restoration.

The story of God’s dealings with Israel and the things that happened to them have been written for us as an example, and were written down for our instruction upon whom the “ends of the ages have come,” Paul wrote, (1 Corinthians 10:11) that we might not make their mistakes. Such is the importance of understanding God’s dealings with Israel.

Satan endeavours to prevent us understanding what God is doing and his opposition to it, trying to cause confusion, ignorance and deception. But God does not want us to be unaware of what is yet to take place in His plan and purpose. Indeed He has told us beforehand what is to unfold.

This booklet may be used as a bible study and scripture references are given that all that is being stated can be checked against scripture to see if what is being said is so. It is not meant to be an easy read but hopefully each Chapter can be treated as a study in its own right and so considered in more manageable portions. It concludes with Jesus triumphal return to Jerusalem and the beginning of His Millennial reign on earth with His resurrected saints.

As we listen to the news we see that the focus of world events is already upon Israel, upon Jerusalem, and in particular upon the Temple Mount. We might ask the question, “Why?” This booklet will endeavour to find some of the answers to that question that lie within the scriptures.

Events are now unfolding so fast that some detail is unfolding each day. In that sense the message is urgent and topical.

Download “The Restoration of Israel" here (618k)  Union Jack in English

Climate Change - What Does the Bible Say?

nightA booklet written in 2020 to consider the modern day predictions of impending catastrophe due to mankind’s actions thought to be causing climate change and extremes of weather and compare these with what the bible tells us of what is coming upon the earth. When we consider scripture we see such predictions are false, but who will consider what God has told us? This is a booklet that highlights the spiritual battle that surrounds God’s desire to restore men back to Himself. It is an urgent and timely message that needs to be told.

Download “Climate Change - What Does the Bible Say?" here (205k)  Union Jack in English

Its A Matter of LIFE & Death

nightIn a time when the world surrounding us appears to have no answers to the cares and the stresses of so many people. When joy and peace seem so elusive to so many people. When mental problems seem to be the normal of the day. When viruses are raging and bringing death in every nation. It seems right to step back and see what the purpose of our life really is.

In the Bible God shows us how to live life to the full and avoid all the stress, worry and confusion that weighs us down in these current days.

We have a choice …. We can continue in the downward spiral that leads only to death or we can choose eternal life, life in all its abundance, with a future full of hope.

This book explains the choice -- ETERNAL LIFE or …. DEATH.

Written by Robert Whitfield in June 2020 this booklet explains the wonderful offer of Eternal Life and what this means. Robert goes through basic teachings on who a believer is in Christ, teachings that lead a believer from infancy towards maturity; teachings many Christians have never had so the abundant life Jesus came to bring still awaits.

Download 'Its a Matter of LIFE & Death’ here by Robert Collin Whitfield - June 2020 Union Jack in English

A New Day

As we approach the end of the age the tares sown by the evil one are already being taken out from among the wheat, the sons of the Kingdom. In the Prophetic Section of this website we have already shared the vision and revelation that was received by a few of us in the first days of 1993, that tells of God saying He was beginning to separate the Bride and the Harlot. It was a prophetic word that within days became our very experience. Now in 2020, nearly thirty years later, this separation is far from complete but those with eyes to see can discern the signs of the times that suggest the end of the age is very near. 

This booklet tells of a writing from the early 1980’s by Bill Thompson of Carlisle in which he spoke of what the Church would look like at the end of the age. It was an understanding that began to open our eyes to how the true church should function. 

In this booklet I tell something of the events of those days that began to unfold at the end of 1992 and the beginning of 1993 and how it will soon lead to the revealing of the sons of God, the true church made up of only true sons, led by the Holy Spirit. 

Download ‘A New Day’ here by Bill Thompson with Colin Winfield - Mid 1980’s and June 2020   Union Jack in English

 The Last Move of God of the Age

In 1948 God began to prepare His end-time church for the end-time move of God as events in the world developed, events that would lead to the very end of the age. This booklet looks back to those beginnings and describes something of the story that has unfolded. It also looks forward to what scripture says is yet to come.

In this booklet written in Autumn 2020, I share my personal testimony of what we were part of in this unfolding story. Along the way the Lord brought revelation in quite miraculous ways, revelation shared in this website. This is my story but it is also the story of the whole church, one that is still unfolding.

Download “The Last Move of God of the Age” here by Colin Winfield - 2020 Union Jack in English

God’s Ordained Order

The person reading this may have already decided that God does not exist and His written Word, as found in scripture, is of no account, and thus concluded there is no future judgment.

The following booklet is written to explain that God’s ordained order is not intended for our harm but for our better good, that men might be restored back to their Maker and find eternal life.

This booklet is not one of condemnation but about the way of salvation that mankind cannot find outwith they turn back to God and enter His Kingdom, that Kingdom where Jesus reigns as Lord and King having paid the price that our sins might be forgiven and we might be granted new life in Him.

Download “God Made Them Male and Female - What the Bible Says” by Colin Winfield - 2021 Union Jack in English


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