The Temple Lies In Ruins

Being Separated Unto Him

Hode“Behold you among the nations, and regard and wonder and be astonished; for I will work a work in your days, which you will not believe, though it be told you." Habakkuk 1:5

The prophetic words that preceded 2012 spoke of a New Day and the change that God had prophesied years before had come. So as the New Year began the Lord spoke these thoughts to us.

That He Might Be Glorified

Whatever we go through in life, whether suffering or blessing, strength or weakness, lifted up or humbled; it is all in order that God is glorified. When we read Isaiah 61:1-3, we see the prophetic word that spoke of Jesus being anointed to preach the gospel to the poor, to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set free those who are downtrodden and to proclaim the favourable year of the Lord. He appoints to the saints the oil of joy for mourning and the garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness so that we become trees of righteousness…. Why? -  "that He might be glorified."

So it is that "He must increase, but ‘I’ must decrease". As the Church grasps this revelation, it will help enormously in the quest of dying to self. When we understand that when the Lord moves mightily, in whatever He does, it is 'for His Name's sake'. Ps.23:3 tells us of the great things He does for us - "He restoreth my soul: He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness 'for His Names sake.” Even when He leads us into His wonderful state of righteousness, it is not for us, but for His Names sake”. "I, even I, am He that blotteth out Thy transgressions for Mine own sake, and will not remember Thy sins," Isaiah 43:25. He even removes our sins 'for His Names sake'.

In Ezekiel 20:9,14,22,44 - these verses make a very definitive statement for those who doubt that He does all things, including reducing the judgements, staying off due punishments, and blessing us when we have no right to be blessed: all is done 'for His Names sake' - For why indeed should His great Name be lowered to the repulsive standards of man? He is high and lifted up and He alone is worthy. If we see therefore, that He does all things for His Name's sake, then surely all those who love Him with a sincere heart, and desire to serve Him, have no desires of self, no ambitions, no desire to be seen of men, no desire for vain glory but one single desire that aligns with the true Spirit within Him; that is to do all things for His Names sake, and nothing for ourselves. 

In this message we realise that it is too much for some: it is a very high calling! Those who see this truth are surely at the veil entrance to the Holiest place of all: for this level of 'self denial' and pursuit of all things for His Name's sake, is the highest call of all; and it truly searches the inner parts and the true intents of the heart. As we enter very deeply into this revelation we find the answer to life itself; the very heart of God; the mystery that for ages has been hidden from men; the very purpose for the existence of the gospel; and the true motives of the heart of both God and those who truly love Him above all else. On this journey we find a trail that few find, and even fewer dare walk in, and fewer still dare speak forth.

A prayer for the Church at this time is based on Dan 9:17 - "For Thy sake, O Lord, let Thy face shine on Thy desolate Church" This message is too powerful for this world and brings persecution on the saints. Just as Jesus said, “You will be brought before governors and kings for My sake… "They will say all manner of things against you falsely for My sake..." "You will be hated of all men for My Name's sake."

In reward, "Whoever loses his life for My sake will surely find it". Matt.19:29 "And everyone that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for My Name's sake, shall receive an hundred fold, and shall inherit everlasting life." We see both the cost and the eternal blessing set before us. We see why this is a hard message for many, and it falls in line with the words that the Lord has been saying to many about 'all or nothing' and being either 'hot or cold'. This is the day when the luke warm will find no place 'in Him'. Why? Because of His Name's sake!

"But I had pity for Mine holy Name, which the house of Israel had profaned among the heathen wither they went. Therefore say unto the house of Israel, Thus saith the Lord God; I do not this for your sakes, O house of Israel, but for Mine holy Name's sake, which ye have profaned among the heathen, wither ye went. And I will sanctify My great Name which was profaned among the heathen, which ye have profaned in the midst of them; and the heathen shall know that I am the Lord, saith the Lord God, when I shall be sanctified in you before their eyes." Ez.36:21-23. And in verse 32, "Not for your sakes do I this…."

2012 began with the prayer "Now therefore, O our God, hear the prayer of Thy servant, and his supplications, and cause Thy face to shine upon Thy sanctuary that is desolate, for the Lord's sake". Daniel 9:17

DA  January 2012

The Temple Lieth In Ruins

Lord, remember David and all his afflictions; How he swore to the Lord, and vowed to the Mighty One of Jacob: “Surely I will not go into the chamber of my house or go up to the comfort of my bed; I will not give sleep to my eyes or slumber to my eyelids, until I find a place for the Lord, A dwelling place for the Mighty One of Jacob. Psalm 132:1-5.

In May 2012 the Lord spoke very clearly that His temple, which is the Church, both the individual members and the Church corporately, laid in ruins but that He was about to cleanse His temple and rebuild it. This ‘word’ came forth with great anointing with the admonition not to say ‘another day’ for it was now beginning to be fulfilled!

The Lord also warned that we must not think that the Temple of old, built in Israel, with all its abominations, is akin to that which 'man' has built, man’s denominations and organisations. The Temple built in Israel was His house. The denominations and organisations of men are not! They are of the spirit of antichrist! But we are to know we, His people, are now the temple both individually and corporately. The Temple of old was still God's house despite the sin of man that had brought corruption within it. So now the Lord is going to cleanse His temple - His Church - in our day. No longer can we have a foot in both places if we are to help build with the Lord.

CW May 2012

Two Roads

We have come to a parting of the ways. There are two roads ahead which depart in different directions never to cross or merge again. At the crossroad there are two groups of people. One group is full of excitement and bustle and activity. They are loading their vehicles with baggage, food and drink and ready to take the broad and smooth tarmac road up to a large house festooned with decorations prepared for a party. In the large garden there are exotic fountains. The house is called the house of feasting and the feast is called Belshazzar’s feast where the guests will drink from gold, stolen cups.

In all their excitement, they do not see a warning sign at the crossroads. ‘It is better to go to the house of mourning than the house of feasting’.

On the other side of the crossroads, there are individuals who are discarding their baggage as if they are preparing for a long walk, removing all encumbrances. They set off in ones and twos down a narrow rocky track that leads down into a valley. Hidden from sight from the road above there is a small secluded garden. The valley is called the valley of Baca which is the valley of weeping and the garden is called Gethsemane. Seated alone at a plain wooden table in the garden is a man. As each individual enters the garden, He greets them with same words, ‘I have been waiting for you. Eat and drink for the strength you will need for the road that lies ahead. My grace shall be sufficient for you and My strength is made perfect in weakness. Will you watch with me one hour? Will you drink the cup I am giving you and share it with me?’

Looking back they can see smoke rising from the large house which is engulfed in flames.


The Treasure Within

What do you treasure above all things? What is your most valued, prized possession? Is it not that you are you My possession? My own peculiar people? Sanctified, washed, and justified; anointed as priests and made as a Kingdom to the Father, your sins washed in My blood because I have loved you. A royal priesthood who can enter through the veil to minister to Me and bring your offerings of praise. To draw near to Me, to dwell in My courts and abide under the shadow of the mercy seat. Which other people has this privilege? What greater position can you have? What further position do you want? Am I not enough for you that you look elsewhere to satisfy your cravings? Or is it to be noticed and admired and praised by men? Did I not say that what is highly esteemed by men is an abomination before God? To be placed above and have yourself exalted? Is this to be called a prize? These are the idols of position, rank and titles I find among My people and within My temple. They are an offense to Me and a stench in My nostrils.

To be purified as silver that your offerings may be accepted in My sight; that your faith may be refined as gold that it may be found to praise, glory and honour. Is this not the prize? To be found in Christ, the Anointed One, having only His righteousness having lost all traces of your own, and valued, everything else as dung.

If you are Mine, then even if you have nothing, you possess all things. In everything and in all things you will have sufficiency. Where can you go from My Spirit? Has He not been given that He may be with you forever? For the anointing you have received from Him has been given once and for all and now ABIDES within you.
SW   September 2012

A Question of Surrender

All things are for His good pleasure. All things are for His will. All things are for His purpose. All things are for His glory. All things are for His sake. All things are for Him and through Him and to Him. In Him all things exist. He is above all and through all and in all.
He makes all things new. All things are now from God through Jesus Christ. For God was in Him reconciling all things to Himself. So in all things He has the pre-eminence. He directs. He orders and establishes. He upholds and He builds. The government is on His shoulders. He places in the body each one as He has wished. He distributes gifts and functions and workings in the body as He wills. So the enabling, the empowering and the provision will never be a problem to you. He is all sufficient and makes His servants fit and able for what He has commanded.

The problem for you is: Will He be acknowledged as Lord? As the One to whom all authority in heaven and earth has been given? As the One who is the Head of the body?


SW  October 2012

Tabernacles and Shelters

There will be booths and tabernacles, huts and shelters of refuge against the winds and floods and storms and places of heat and the scorching dryness. 

To each one who has found their hiding place in Me, a place will be prepared and each will say of Me, ‘You are My Rock, My hiding place, My place of refuge, My shield, My fortress, My secret place, My tabernacle and My place of abiding.’ A thousand may fall at your side, but no harm will come near you when you have learnt to live and dwell and rest in the secret place of the Most High; when you understand that you have died and your lives are hidden with Christ in God.

You will look for your former life and the old transgressions and they will not be found or remembered, sunk as a stone in the vastness of the ocean. And your life will be in Me and you will live out of Me, the fountain of living waters. No longer will you hew for yourselves broken cisterns that can contain no water.

And I will gather and I will lead out. I will appoint sheepfolds in diverse places and they too will be places of shelter. This will happen over the whole earth,; places of My appointment and of My choosing and you will go in you will go out, but always at My leading and direction. 

For unto Me will be the gathering of all peoples, all across nations but all under the shelter of My wings. There will be one sheepfold and One Shepherd though throughout many countries and nationalities and languages; all one in purpose and one in mind and spirit but manifesting the manifold grace of God for the glory of My Name.

So My covering will be over individuals, the local church and the body worldwide, for all the redeemed of the Lord for a final witness to all who live on the earth. All who have come to dwell in My Kingdom will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. And you will be a city set on a hill whose light cannot be hidden.

Each day then learn to stay hidden in Me and to remain under My protection, in complete trust in Me, waiting for My leading, walking and being led by My Spirit. Hold fast to what you have already attained and press on to attain all of that which I have attained for you and on your behalf.

SW October 2012

One Body in the Lord

There will be a clear distinction, a dividing line and a separation. The dark will become darker and the light will become brighter. What has been covered up will be brought out into the open. The leaven will no longer be hidden within the lump; it will be removed.

There will be those who carry the testimony of Jesus and they will bear His marks on their body. They will bear His reproach and carry the shame of the cross. They will be despised and rejected by men because they are His sheep, of His flock and members of His body. But in them prophecy will be fulfilled, for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

Of them the world will not be worthy and they will be deemed to be worthless. The world did not know their Head, and so it will not know His body.

Those who have taken shelter, as birds nesting in the branches of the mustard tree, thinking they would inherit the blessing while finding no place in their hearts for repentance, will be cast forth. The reproach of Christ will be rejected by them for the pleasures of sin for a season. The shame of the testimony will be considered by them to outweigh the glory that will follow. They will find My people have been displayed to the world as the last and the least, but they will not see the glory that abides within, the beauty of holiness, the body without spot and blemish, in union with her eternal King and Head.

When My people are taunted and reproached, hungry and thirsty and naked, in prison and outcast, they will turn away from them and be ashamed. At the last I will be ashamed of them before the throne of My Father. As they have not confessed Me or My people, I will not confess them and they will be seen for what they have always been – goats and not the sheep of My flock.

SW November 2012

The Alarm Bell Must Not Be Muffled

‘For this purpose the Son of God was manifest that He might undo the works of the devil.’

The works of the devil in your midst have not yet been fully undone. Your minds are still corrupted by his cunning away from the simplicity and purity towards Christ. The gospel has not yet been heard in its stark simplicity and clarity. The alarm bell must not be muffled, nor the trumpet muted nor the sword of division be blunted.

I am going to break your peace treaty with the world established from long ago while your enemy was still far from your gates. The salt has lost its savour and those who do not repent will find themselves cast out, for salt which has lost its taste is not good for anything.

Is it not clear that you must forsake everything to follow Me? There is the course of this world, which the sons of disobedience, the children of wrath, follow fulfilling the desires of the flesh and the mind, and there is the way of the Lord, the highway of holiness, for those whose desire is to fulfil the good pleasure of the Father, walking in the Spirit. Can a man walk both ways at the same time? Do they not head in different directions?

The prince of this world has been judged. Judgement has been passed. When and where was he defeated and exposed and stripped of his armour? Did He not triumph over him on the cross? Yet he is your adversary in law, your accuser, who walks around looking for someone to devour. How does he have a foothold in the camp, if not because you give him back his rights? He has been allowed to delude, deceive and blind and hoodwink.

‘You shall not surely die.’ ‘Is not the fruit of the tree good for food, a delight to the eye and desired to make one wise?’

He promises freedom, but by what a man is overcome by that he is enslaved.

He presents a form of godliness but denies its power.

He offers the worship of lip service, whereby a man can bless God but curse men and live with a clear conscience.

The world is not sanctified by you joining it, rather you are polluted and made unclean by allowing yourselves to follow its ways. Can righteousness and lawlessness, Christ and the devil, light and darkness, the spirit and the flesh, life and death, really work together, side by side and joined to one another in the same vessel? Will I share My glory with another? Is not everything to bow its knee to Me?

SW December 2012

Recall How David Swore

Recall how David swore,
“I’ll not come into my house,
Nor go up to my bed,
Give slumber to mine eyelids,
Until I find a place for Thee,
A place, O Lord, for Thee.“
Our mighty God desires a home
Where all His own may come.

How blinded we have been,
Shut in with what concerns us;
While God’s house lieth waste—
Lord, break through, overturn us;
We’ll go up to the mountain,
Bring wood and build the house;
We’ll never say, “Another day!“
It’s time! We’ll come and build!

O Lord, against these days,
Inspire some for Your building,
Just as in Ezra’s day—
A remnant who are willing
To come and work in Your house,
Oh, what a blessed charge!
Your heart’s desire, is our desire—
We come, O Lord, to build.

Within those whom You’d call
Put such a restless caring
For building to give all—
These times are for preparing;
The gates of hell cannot prevail
Against the builded Church!
The hours are few, the builders too—
Lord, build, O build in us!